YG artists’ future: will BLACKPINK be able to carry it all?

In such a situation where YG is falling without its captain Yang Hyun Suk, activity of YG artists is currently the problem of many fans.

YG is in the biggest crisis ever after 2 decades. Its stockprice has fallen 40% compared to January 2019 with its market capitalization is only 514 billion won now. The withdrawal of Yang Hyun Suk will heavily affect the remaining artists.


The legendary boy group BIG BANG now has only 4 members left after Seungri retired in March.

Used to be one of the main reasons which made up YG’s golden time, but as time has changed, BIG BANG’s future is still a big question mark. During his time in the army, G-Dragon was suspected of favouritism while T.O.P was punished for using drug.

Before that, BIG BANG fans had had high hope that BIG BANG will maintain their activity as a 5-member group after their enlistment, but Seungri’s withdrawal and their heavily damaged fame is pushing the reunion day further and further away. Some have guessed that BIG BANG might focus more on their solo career or leave YG to establish their own company.

2. iKON

June 12th is an unforgettable day for any iKONIC. Just a few hours after the suspicion of using banned drug, their leader B.I left the group and cut his contract with YG.Even though fans still hope for his return, this is near impossible now.

Without its soul – B.I, iKON’s activity will be hard to predict.

YG has announced that iKON will continue its activity as a 6-member group. Apart from the Japanese tour which has been planned beforehand (July – September), iKON is predicted to have to go on a hiatus in Korea for quite some time. Whether iKON will be able to return or not, depends on how YG solve their current crisis.

The possibility of iKON leaving YG is very low because this is still YG’s main boy group after BIG BANG got enlisted. In 2018, iKON’s income from concerts was 53% the total concert income of the whole agency. However, as the situation has changed, the chance for iKON to speed up after their super hit “Love Scenario” in 2018 has passed. They might have to keep a low and steady flow, going on tour in Asia and wait for the end to come.


WINNER will highly focus mostly on the solo career of each member before army enistment.

With member Lee Seunghoon getting involved in B.I’s scandal, WINNER’s image is heavily affected. At least, they had had a comeback in May with “Ah Yeah”. There’s near to no chance of them having another comeback this year.

A few month later, Jinwoo will be on his way to military enlistment. The other members will have to put their career on hiatus, or join some variety show and focus on their solo career. However, netizens are worried that YG’s scandalous events still haven’t stopped. If one more member of WINNER is related to any more drug scandal, this boygroup’s career will end immediately.

3. Sechskies

Sechskies don’t have many chance to do a comeback right now.

Sechskies don’t have many chance to do a comeback right now.

This 1st generation idol group is orginated from DSP Media. 16 years after their disbandment, the members reunited and signed with YG in 2016. However, in January, Kang Sung Hoon left the group after his scandal fanclub’s fund embezzlement. The remaining 4 members struggled due to the absence of their main vocal. Sechskies’ future is predicted to be the same as WINNER, which is to focus mostly on solo activity. On June 27th, Eun Ji Won will return with his solo album “G1” and the title track “I’m On Fire”.

4. CL, Dara, Lee Hi

After 3 years of “hibernation”, Lee Hi finally came back with a new mini album on May 31st. However, her activity is very dull after her featuring partner in the title track “No One”, B.I, has left YG. Lee Hi’s contract with YG will still be in effect to 2023, but not many fans believe that she will stay with this agency for 4 more years.

CL Leehi Dara

Amidst this, the 2NE1’s ex-member CL and Dara is supported by fans to leave YG as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, YG didn’t do anything much to the 2 girls after 2NE1 disbanded. CL has been on hiatus for 3 years, and Dara mostly survives by herself by hosting TV shows.

5. Akdong Musician

The talented siblings Akdong Musician is a worrying case to fans. After Chanhyuk finished his military duty, he revealed that they will soon return with new music. However, when YG is such as mess, many has advised him and his sister Soohyun to find a new and more stable agency. According to many sources, Akdong Musician’s contract with YG will expire in April 2021.


BLACKPINK is the most promising group right now at YG.
BLACKPINK is the most promising group right now at YG.

BLACKPINK is famous internationally with high value thanks to many commercial contracts. In 2019, BLACKPINK started their activities on an international scale and has received many impressive achievement regarding concert sales. While iKON is struggling, BLACKPINK is seen as YG’s new savior in the field of making money through touring.

However, BLACKPINK alone is not enough to bring the company back to its golden days. The analyst of Korea Times has analyzed that this girl group still has their own disadvantages which make them unable to compare to boy groups on sales. In such a situation where YG is boycotted by the Korean audience, YG need to be careful with BLACKPINK’s 2nd comeback this year. After “Kill This Love” disappointing result in South Korea, if their new album is also a flop at home, they will lose their very last chance of returning to their home country’s market. BLACKPINK might be pushed to work abroad to clear the space for YG’s new girl group.

7. Treasure13 and the new girl group


At this time, the only true hope left for YG is the new generation groups. The boygroup TREASURE13 is predicted to debut at the end of this year, while the new girl group will be in 2020. Fans belive that YG will go all in to invest properly for these rookies during this changing period. If they succeed, these new generation groups will bring back the investors’ trust for the comepany and they will survive this financial crisis.

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