YG and Big Hit’s new joint business plan: BTS, BLACKPINK, TXT, WINNER… will hold concerts at the same venue?

The cooperation plan of Big Hit, YG and Naver will not only stop at online platforms, but also have plans to expand scale in real life.

These days Kpop fans are overwhelmed with news of the joint business between Big Hit, YG and Naver. First is the confirmation of Big Hit’s cooperation with YG through Weverse and YG PLUS.  Following that, Naver also confirmed that they are preparing to merge the V Live platform into the Weverse platform.

 This news alone already shocked the fans, but it didn’t even stop there. Korean media reported that these big companies are now joining forces to build a Kpop complex, which includes venues for both online and offline concerts.

YG and Big Hit’s new joint business plan

 According to the city government of Uijeongbu in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, YG recently acquired 22,000 square meters of tourism land in an industrial and cultural complex from Uijeongbu Rhythm City – the unit responsible for building the complex.  Initially YG and Naver planned to build a concert venue and offline Kpop experiences, but this plan was changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition Big Hit will also  join forces to invest.

 Then, they decided to build this complex to suit online performances.  It is known that Big Hit, YG and Naver are expected to use special video effects (SFX), special visual effects effects (VFX) to create the performances. They will also build studios that can stream content through video platforms like YouTube.  In addition, offline concerts can still be held here if the situation is more stable.

YG and Big Hit’s new joint business plan

 This Kpop experience complex by YG, Big Hit and Naver will be part of a 60,000 square meter complex project of Uijeongbu city (including cultural, tourism, shopping and housing facilities. ).  Construction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022. This area is also considered a ‘golden land’ of high economic value because it is located near Incheon International Airport and Seoul.

YG and Big Hit’s new joint business plan

 Although these are only preliminary ideas, many people expect the success of this complex project because of the scale of Naver, YG and Big Hit.  The Korean newspaper also wrote: ‘In the community, BTS inherently has a very strong influence.  If the performance stage is invested with advanced technologies, it is expected that the merger of the industrial complex and Kpop music will bring combined effects. ‘

 If this plan goes well, maybe in the future we will see artists from YG and Big Hit perform at the same location that is suitable for both online and offline form.  In addition, whether this venue can be ‘opened’ to more artists outside of the two companies mentioned above has not been revealed.

Sources: tinnhac

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