Yeonjun (TXT) accidentally walked in on NU’EST’s broadcast live

This is the first time that fans have caught a interaction between NU’EST Minhyun and TXT Yeonjun during a live broadcast.

Since Big Hit changed its name to HYBE and moved to the new headquarters, a few humorous stories have happened due to the large size of the company.  Typically, the male singer Lee Hyun lost half an hour to find his studio; Beomgyu also got lost in the building because he ‘accidentally turned a new path’.  Most recently, this issue accidentally gave fans a lovely interaction between Hwang Minhyun (NU’EST) and Yeonjun (TXT).

Especially, in his latest Naver V Live broadcast, Minhyun was serenading his fans on the piano in a practice room. However, he was caught off guard by someone suddenly opening the door.

Although fans could not see the unexpected visitor on camera, he clearly hadn’t realized that Minhyun was in the room. “Oh! Oh, I’m sorry,” while Minhyun politely replied, “Oh, hello.”

After the startled guest quickly made his exit, Minhyun turned to the camera with a smile and said, “Someone came”. He added: “I booked this room, though.”

When fans commented asking him who the mystery individual was, Minhyun asked with a laugh. “But is it okay for me to say who it was? It was TXT’s Yeonjun that came.”

Funnier, Yeonjun also went to Weverse and explained to fans about the embarrassing situation that just happened to him.  When fans asked if Yeonjun was confused, the male idol replied: ‘I apologized to Minhyun sunbae, I was surprised’. Yeonjun also said that he was with Taehyun at that time. And only when Taehyun said it was the wrong room did the male idol realize.

Being made fun of by fans because of the embarrassing situation that just happened, Yeonjun made fans even more excited by leaving a message praising Minhyun: “At any rate, as soon as I went in, I was shocked because [Minhyun] was so handsome… hehehehehe.”

He also went on to apologize to NU’EST’s fans, L.O.Λ.Es, for good measure, commenting, “It’s L.O.Λ.Es, right…? I’m sorry for [interrupting] in the middle of a V Live (bows).”

Of course, many fans love the interaction between the idols of HYBE (Big Hit). They also hope that in the future, they will see the male idols they love closer to each other.

Source: tinnhac

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