Yang Hyun Suk – The Most Misunderstood Man In K-Biz

Don’t throw tantrums yet if you haven’t known about all of his great contribution to Kpop!

Yang Hyun Suk is the man behind YG Entertainment’s enormous property. In recent time, he kept receiving unwanted criticism since the failure of YG’s survival show, along with the constant delays ò his artists’ comebacks. However, not many people can sympathize for Yang Hyun Suk nor appreciate everything that the CEO has done for his artists. YG fans know these false promises too well.

Starting off as a member of “Seo Taiji and The Boys”, Yang Hyun Suk has a great passion with music. Unlike SM Entertainment’s strict policy, Yang CEO soon came to realization that the most important thing about music is that it has to come from the artist’s personal color of uniqueness. Therefore, from day one, Yang CEO highly respected his artists’ creativity as well as personal styles. He never tried to build a standard mould for them but let them grow with their own power to attract music listeners.

Hence, YG Entertainment is an agency where artists’ creativity is highly rated. Many of them are allowed to contribute in writing lyrics and making albums, which brings variety of colors and value to the final product. Instead of following hot trends, YG always owns the game itself and come up with many bizarre ideas that make fans go wild. This is not something that anyone can do.

YG, Ikon, B.I, 2018, comeback
B.I has been making music since he was a trainee

One advantage in being a member of YG family is that they never have to worry about their name’s copyrights. YG always give back the stage names, fan pages and social media sites to their artists when they leave the company. In January 2018, Korean media sources revealed that YG Entertainment had bought the right to use SECHSKIES‘ brand name and gave it back to the members. Thanks to this decision, the majority of artists will feel grateful towards Yang CEO when they decide to leave the agency, unlike other companies where the relation between the artist and the CEO often take a negative turn when it’s time for the artist to leave.

SECHSKIES, yg, yang hyun suk

Yang CEO is also very compassionate to the artists and their fans. He spends time replying fans’ comments occasionally, works hard even when he’s hospitalized. Not only so, Yang CEO is an understanding boss also, as he will try to give talented people a second chance. That’s why iKON debuted and becomes a successful group today.

Even when it comes to expenses, Yang Hyun Suk has never been stingy to his artists. According to OSEN on September 6th 2014, upon the news of Bobby winning “Show Me The Money 3”, Yang CEO let him take all of 100 million won without taking a bit for his own company. Although he’s strict while training Bobby, he is well aware of the financial status of Bobby’s family and his respect for his parents.

YG, ikon, bobby, handsome, 2017
Bobby was given all of the cash prize to support his family

Although being hated and taking the bullets from netizens multiple times, it is undenialble that Yang Hyun Suk is a wise and earnest leader. Thanks to him, we are able to enjoy masterpieces from such legends like today.

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