Yang finally revealed the first image of Mino’s solo album

Yang kept his promise, bringing good news to WINNER fans.

Recently, YG president unexpectedly revealed behind the scene photo of Mino’s solo debut MV with the message: “ Made a decision to do additional MV shoot for Mino’s new song as the results were not satisfactory.” Unlike the fierce rapper image on stage, the white costume of the male idol makes fans curious.

Yang appeared at Mino’s MV filming set.
The image of the rapper makes people curious.

Although there are many songs of his own, this is the first album of rapper as a solo singer. This product has been revealed from January 2018, causing Inner Circles (WINNER’s fandom name) to count to the day the album released. However, the delay made fans lose confidence in the words of the president of YG. Only today, seeing the MV behind the scenes, fans are confident that they will soon receive the solo album of the male idol.

“Body” – Mino’s impressive solo product in 2016

To this day, Inner Circles has always felt unfair for their idol because not only did WINNER comeback once in 2018, but YG also made a serious mistake when iKON’s VCR was played at the concert of WINNER.

Although the official released date has not been determined, the announcement has somewhat resonated Yang’s “ugly” image. Hopefully the album will soon be released so fans can enjoy the rap and cool performance of the runner-up of “Show me the money” 2015.

Souces: k14

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