Xiumin’s tearful fanmeeting before enlistment: EXO’s surprising appearance

Xiumin just had a memorable night receiving all the best wishes from his fans and his teammates.

In the evening of May 4th, SM has arranged a fanmeeting called “Xiuweet Time” for Xiumin at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. This is the first but also the last event for this eldest member of EXO a few days before his official enlistment on May 7th.

Xiumin met his fans for the last time before his army enlistment on May 7th.

Amid the heartwarming atmosphere of the event, all EXO member (except for Lay) surprisingly appeared on the stage which brought Xiumin to tears. Fans were also very surprised because they were sure that the only member who attended the event was Chen because he was the host.

All EXO member (except for Lay) surprisingly appeared at Xiumin’s fanmeeting.

Xiumin had told his fans not to cry no matter how moving it is but he couldn’t hold his tears after receiving his members’ words for him. Kai has hugged Xiumin for quite a time and he was also surprised by a sobbing Xiumin that he couldn’t nothing but patting his back.

Xiumin was crying a lot after his hug with Kai that Kai had to hugged him to calm him down.

Even though Lay didn’t appear at the event due to his schedule in China, he still called to say: “I’m always grateful to Xiumin and I’m very sorry that I can’t be there. Take care of yourself and return safe and sound”.

After his army enlistment, the track “You” of Xiumin will release its MV and digital single at 18:00 on May 9th (KST). Lay is also hinting about his new music product. The last time this EXO Chinese member released an album was October last year with “NAMANANA”.

Lay’s new teaser photo for his new product.
Lay’s new teaser photo for his new product.

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