“Words that shouldn’t be said? Do not tell me what to do” IKON Goo Junhoe’s SNS controversy

The IKON member is now standing at the center of the controversy about his statement.

On 24th, IKON Goo Junhoe posted a picture on his Instagram. The picture showed a signature that the Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano had given to him.

He wrote in the caption in Japanese, “I am grateful to Kitano Takeshi. I told him to go to our IKON concert.

However, Takeshi Kitano is a controversial figure for Korean because of his ‘disturbing’ statements. When the “Winter Sonata” became popular, he made a statement saying that the drama was a “Korean drama that has robbed Takeshima (Dokdo).”

Also, in a book called “Dangerous Japanese Studies,” he has stated that Korea and China were “the nations that have shamelessly distorted the facts in Japanese history textbook about the Senkaku Islands for the purpose of asking money from Japan.”

Some fans who was aware of the situation has commented, “There is a controversy about Takeshi. Please delete all the posts that are related to him, ” they begged.

However, instead of deleting the post, Goo Junhoe said, “Don’t tell me what to do. I don’t like it.” It was hard to find seriousness in such a comment which was filled with laughter.

His response made people, even his fans turned their backs on him. “It is obviously wrong to defend his own statement,” and “I am afraid people will boycott his upcoming comeback“.

Goo Junhoe didn’t delete the post within that day. But as the controversy continued, he deleted the post a few hours ago without clarification. Netizens said “it is more disappointing that the post has been deleted without any clarification“.

Sources: Dispatch

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