Wonho (former member of Monsta X) continues to cause controversy with his offensive photo

This male idol’s overly sexy image has caused a heated debate on social networks. 

Late yesterday (April 2), male idol Wonho (former MONSTA X member) entered the top trending of Korea.  The reason came from a photo he posted on his personal page with the caption “Naps 💛”.

Notably, in this photo, Wonho only wears a short pants , the photo angle is pointed at the “sensitive part”.  Immediately, the photo led to a fierce debate on social networks.  One side criticized the male idol, saying that Wonho is increasingly addicted to showing off his body in an offensive way, making viewers uncomfortable.  But there are also fans defending Wonho, saying that he has the right to post his favorite photos on his personal page.

This is not the first time that the former member of MONSTA X has been involved in controversies regarding his personal images. Previously, the male idol was criticized for his offensive images. Wonho is a gym addict, possesses an impressive muscular body, and pursues a sexy style.  However, his extremely offensive photos made fans gradually hate the male idol.

Wonho (former member of MONSTA X) show muscular body
Before that, he repeatedly caused netizens to debate fiercely when showing off his body in an objectionable way
Wonho (former member of MONSTA X) show muscular body
This full nude photo once made Korean netizens angry because it was too offensive
Wonho (former member of MONSTA X) show muscular body
Wonho is a gym addict, so he has a muscular 6-pack body
Wonho (former member of MONSTA X) show muscular body
However, netizens said that he should not post such images on social networks

Source: Instagram

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