“I have nothing to do with my father’s case”, Wonder Girls Ye Eun is also shocked by her father’s 20 billion fraud and sexual harrassment charge

“I will do my best to prove my innocence”

Member of the girl group Wonder Girls Ye Eun is expected to be accused of fraud by her followers along with her father.

She said, “I have nothing to do with my father’s case.” However, the netizens’ opinions are divided: “You must be indirectly involved in the fraud” and “What is the fault of a daughter?”

According to Channel A, on October 10th Ye Eun allegedly completed a police investigation as a suspect along with her father Pastor Park Young Gyun, regarding the fraud accusation.

According to the report, In March at the police station, the members of the church claimed “In addition to Mr. Park who took away the money he received from the believers to promote the entertainment business, his daughter Yee Eun also participated actively”. Ye Eun has completed the first survey and there is a possibility that she will be summoned to additional investigation depending on the situation. If Ye Eun actually participated in his father’s business and indirectly contributed to his investment, it might become difficult to claim her innocence.

Ye Eun’s father, Pastor Park, is now serving a 6-year sentence in jail and was fined 680 million won for fraud.

Ye Eun insisted on being innocent through her agency. Ameba Culture said, “Yes, it is true that Ye Eun has participated in a police investigation once. “Ye Eun has sincerely served to prove that she is irrelevant to the allegations.”

Also, Ye Eun’s father, Pastor Park, has been shocked by the charges of sexual harassment.

Channel A said, “Pastor Park is being investigated for allegedly forcing a 20-year-old female named A three years ago. “Mr. Park had been calling A for about five months from April 2015, and forced physical contact on her”. According to the investigation, the victim claimed, “Mr. Park approached me, told me he wanted to talk, took me to one motel and then forced me to touch his underwear.”

This is not the first time Ye Eun father’s fraud has been known. Ye Eun, who recently showed an active schedule, announced her new album in April, has recently starred in various entertainment programs ahead of her comeback. However, the repeated charges of alleged fraud and accusation of sexual assault have damaged the image of the singer tremendously.

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