Won Bin – Lee Na Yong’s secret dating photo causes a stir again

During more than 10 years together, there are very few pictures of famous actor couple Won Bin – Lee Na Young revealed.

Won Bin – Lee Na Young is famous as a secretive couple of Kbiz.  They do not publish photos of their dating, wedding, or first son.  The couple started dating publicly in July 2013, holding a simple wedding in June 2015, in Won Bin’s hometown.  Up to now, this famous couple has a son.

During the process of dating and marriage, only one photo of Won Bin – Lee Na Young was revealed.  It is a photo of the couple dating since 2011. The photo was taken at a restaurant, the couple was smiling brightly together, with a glass of wine in front of them and a funny lip sticker on their cheeks.  Since being revealed until now, this image has occasionally stirred up netizens again.

Despite the poor image quality, Won Bin and his wife have received a lot of positive responses from the public. They were still attractive although they were inebriated and the image was of poor quality. Many people have expressed their admiration for these two famous actors’ tight, inconspicuous love story during the last ten years.

Won bin

Source: AK

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