WJSN has not received any salary yet since their debut

“We haven’t received any salary yet, but we don’t think it’s urgent,” said the group WJSN, who are in their third year of debut.

Cosmic Girls will release the new mini album “WJ PLEASE?” at 6:00 p.m. on various music sites on September 19th.

Earlier, Cosmic Girls met with reporters in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Monday morning to reveal the secret behind their new album.

In this album, Cosmic Girls will upgrade the concept of the magic school that they released in the previous album called “Dream your dream”. If the previous album is an intro that introduces the concept of a magical school and starts a new story then this upcoming album will develop the story of the dreams shown in the previous one. This album will also highlight the characters of the magic school girls to make a mysterious story.

Recently, the salary of Cosmic Girls was revealed in an entertainments show. Sharing about this, Luda said: “I think it’s a show, so there’s a little exaggeration. I haven’t received any salary yet, but I’ve learned and gained a lot since my debut. I think there are more important things than that. However, I think the good news is that we have made this album with great effort. I want to be loved by my fans.

EXY added: “We haven’t made a lot of money yet, but we think it is more important to perform on stage than chasing after money.” “I wonder if there will be a day when we can make a lot of money and be dutiful to our parents. We don’t seem to be in a hurry on such matters.

Since debut, Cosmic Girls have been nominated for the number one spot in music broadcasting, but have never been ranked first. Let’s look forward to their upcoming comeback to turn the tables!

Sources: Nate

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