Wiz Khalifa denied his racist lyrics against Koreans

Popular American artist Wiz Khalifa denied his racist lyrics against Korean.

On July 18th, according to an American magazine called “Complex,” Wiz Khalifa was a guest on the radio show “The Breakfast Club” where he shared his thoughts about his latest scandal for racist lyrics against Koreans.

The rapper revealed, “Let’s be real. I am not a racist. I love all races.
He also added, “My Korean friends don’t express any displeasure. I don’t know who said I’m looking down on Koreans.

It is reported that Wiz Khalifa has just released a new album called Rolling Papers 2, and a song in this album called “Hot Now” has a controversial line “Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean,” which is thought to mock the Asian stereotype of small eyes. That’s why Koreans are flooding his youtube video to accuse the rapper of being racist.

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