Without attending MAMA 2020, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) at home still made netizens crazy

The new image of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) became the focus of netizens’ attention.

On December 6, the most anticipated awards ceremony of the year – the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 (MAMA) officially took place.  Although winning 3 awards, 4 BLACKPINK girls still did not attend.

Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 1

Instead, Jisoo was at home posting a new series of photos.  In those photos, Jisoo wore a striking black dress posing next to the bouquet of roses and her beauty is as beautiful as a flower.  However, it seems that female idol’s appearance is what people pay most attention to.  Jisoo’s gentle, holy face has suddenly become different, even according to some netizens, Jisoo even looks … much sexier.  Although she was still beautiful, many fans couldn’t help but be surprised.

Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 2

Turns out, this is just the look of Jisoo in the photoshoot for the cosmetic brand she’s representing.  Just changing her makeup and expression, “Miss Korea” has become extremely seductive, and much sexier.  However, many fans think they prefer the gentle and lovely Jisoo. In the two behind-the-scenes photos, Jisoo became the sweet girl as usual.

Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 3
Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 4

From the girl who framed the image of the lovely next-door girl, until now, Jisoo has gradually transformed into a more seductive and sexy style.  With perfect beauty, Jisoo can completely suit any style.  Jisoo can both be beautiful, gentle and sharp, and extremely attractive.

Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 5
Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 6
Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 7
Blackpink MAMA 2020 Jisoo 8


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