With the song ‘DNA’, BTS is the first Korean group to gain this achievement

Released in 2017, the song “DNA” finally reached 600 million views on YouTube, helping BTS become the first Korean group to do this.

On 9/1/2019, BTS‘s MV “DNA” has reached 600 million views on Youtube channel, helping BTS become the Korean group whose MV reached 600 million views within the shortest time, according to Soompi. “DNA” was released on September 18, 2017, meaning that BTS was able to achieve the feat within a year and four months!

DNA” was released in 2017 as BTS‘s title song for the album: “Love Yourself: Her”. With “DNA“, BTS proved its transformational ability in Korean music. There is no mysterious and confusing concept, nor does it cover a very cool street-style color which is the birthplace of hip-hop, this time with “DNA” music lines, the group shows a clever rhythm to blend into the general trend but still retains its own quality. The ingenious EDM music is incorporated into the typical hip-hop tone that makes a great highlight.

Hopefully, with this achievement, BTS will continue to quickly gain many new milestones in music, while bringing its own quality to audiences worldwide.

Source: tinnhac

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