With such a smooth start, will BLACK PINK be successful on their way to the American dream?

At the end of 2018, some financial report revealed that BLACK PINK will head to the U.S during the first half of 2019. Even though YG Entertainment was being careful in their speech, but the fact that this agency had signed the contract and met some American producers confirmed their ambition of achieving the American dream. At the moment, BLACK PINK is still on their way to approach the American audience and still hasn’t released any product yet.

As a matter of fact, ever since their debut, these YG girls have been extremely famous to international fans thanks to their modern taste and high-quality music. BLACK PINK’s concepts differ from other K-Pop girl groups. All 4 members have very distinct characteristics, and almost all of them can communicate fluently in English. It will be such a waste if they only focus on the Korean market.

BLACK PINK’s intention of entering the American market was a debatable topic among K-Pop fans. The reason was that many K-Pop seniors of them have failed to gain the entrance to this harsh market. The main problem being the difference in culture, beauty definition, music taste, and racism. Even BLACK PINK’s fandom, BLINK, was worried for the girls’ future when YG didn’t let go of the “American dream”.

However, up until now, BLACK PINK is still doing very well despite all the criticisms from the anti-fans.

BLACK PINK’s amazing performance at Coachella

With American audiences, there is always a gap of vocal techniques and performing skills between Asian artists and western stars. Sadly, this is the truth. Depending on the tastes of the audience in every continent, the entertainment in each country will have a different development plan. In Korea, the companies often promote equally for the images, appearance, concept, choreography, etc. and the quality of music is just one of them.

In contrast, the American audience needs the connection between music and the soul of the artist with the hearts of the fans. There are many artists that have become legendary with the audience of different ages despite their imperfect appearance and other factors.

As for BLACK PINK, their performance at Coachella has left a good impression on American fans. They changed a little bit not to focus too much on dancing as they did in Korea. Instead, BLACK PINK brought fire to the stage and paid attention to stir up the audience’s emotion. In addition, the performance with the live band also gives a different feel than the group’s previous stages.


The LA Times affirmed: “No other K-pop group could probably have handled a Coachella gig quite as well (as BLACK PINK)

The concert shut down the rumors about tickets not selling well

After the performance at Coachella, BLACK PINK began their North American tour. The first stop was Los Angeles on April 17, followed by other major cities including Chicago (April 24), Hamilton (April 27), Newark (May 1), Atlanta (May 5) and Fort Worth (May 8).

According to the pictures taken uploaded to the social network by the fans, four golden girls of YG Entertainment created a pink sea of the audience at the first concert night. The stadium is filled with thousands of American fans with the familiar lightsticks. This proved that the BLACK PINK tour has sold out, unlike the rumors on the social network.

Support from many world stars

Today, the Americans no longer have prejudices with KPOP idols and Hallyu wave. There are many American artists who have expressed their interest in Asian artists. BLACK PINK just began their activities in the US but there have been many American stars showing their support for the girl group.

Some famous names like Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, DJ Snake, Khalid, Ariana Grande, etc. couldn’t hide their excitement for BLACK PINK and went to the concert or followed the group on Instagram. This support may be the start of many excellent collaborations between them and BLACK PINK. This will be a perfect stepping stone for BLACK PINK to be more popular to the American public, ensuring the success of the group in the United States in the future.

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