With revealing clothes, MAMAMOO is bashed for their bodies’ flaws

Hwasa and Solar stirrep up the controversies once again with their bodysuit and lingerie on the stage of GDA 2019.

On January 5th, MAMAMOO attended the Golden Disk Awards 2019 with a series of extravagant performances. Their stage outfits once again became the center of attention for being too revealing and sensual. This is not the first time Hwasa is criticized for choosing these sexy outfits, breaking all the strict traditional rules in Korea. At GDA, she wore a tight silver bodysuit. When she get on her knee as a part of her choreography, her behind is showed off to the audience.

With revealing clothes, MAMAMOO is bashed for their bodies' flaws
She was bashed for her untoned body.

Hwasa owns herself an American-style body shape with tanned skin, wide hips and strong thighs. However many netizens see her body as just big and untoned. The tight bodysuit revealed all of her body’s flaws.

This MAMAMOO member continued to be the center of all the negative comments. They said, “Oh my eyes, this is disgusting”, “Having had to watch her performing was a form of torturing”, “Her body is not that good, if you want to wear a bodysuit, at least try to work out for a toned body”, “Looks just like a 40-year-old auntie. A slim body is still the best, look at all the models on magazines”, We lost, you wins so please stop wearing like this”

Hwasa’s solo stage

Solar’s wardrobe choice was also shocking. She was wearing only lingerie inside with the button open. The lingerie was quite thin and many thinks that this part of Solar is not sexy at all. If she had chosen a lacy bralette, it would have been more attractive, they said.

Solar’s shocking lingerie.
Solar’s shocking lingerie.

MAMAMOO is an impressive group of K-pop with both their talent and outer appearance being accepted. Each member has their own distinct vocal color and they sure know how to control the stage. However, they had got into countless controversies with their stage outfits and their talking on air. Hwasa is the most infamous with her continuous choice of revealing clothes for year-end stages.

Source: iOne

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