With just the MV teaser but BTS has achieved great results far beyond “Kill This Love” by BlackPink

This impressive opening performance made fans look forward to a booming BTS comeback tomorrow.

At 0 o’clock on April 11 (local time), BTS released the second teaser for the comeback MV “Boy With Luv” with Halsey. After just over 10 hours of release, this teaser quickly reached 10 million views and over 2.3 million likes on YouTube. This is really a great achievement for a teaser. Even, this number of views is the dream for the MV of many other artists.

Compared to BlackPink, this achievement of BTS goes far beyond the teaser “Kill This Love”. This MV teaser takes more than a day to be able to gain 10 million views while BTS only needs more than 10 hours. This impressive opening performance promises to put BlackPink’s YouTube record at risk after BTS’s comeback at 6 pm tomorrow, April 12.

BlackPink’s “Kill This Love” teaser takes more than a day to reach 10 million views
Will the MV “Boy With Luv” releasing tomorrow be able to help BTS regain the throne from BlackPink?
Teaser MV 2 “Boy With Luv” – BTS (ft. Halsey)

Sources: k14

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