With just a photo, fans are hoping for a collaboration between BTS and Ariana Grande

Who would have thought Ariana Grande is a BTS’s fangirl!

The list of US – UK artists who have interacted with BTS is becoming longer and the next name can be quite surprising and hopeful: Ariana Grande.

Recently, Jungkook has been at Ariana’s “Sweetener World Tour” at the Staples Canter, Los Angeles, California. A close friend of Ariana and her manager Scooter Braun has seen him among the audience.

jungkook ariana grande
Ariana’s manager – Scooter Braun and her friends have seen Jungkook among the audiences.

Right after that, the youngest of BTS has shared about his experience about a magnificent concert of one of the most famous pop singer right now on his group’s Twitter account with an English caption!

Surprisingly, Ariana Grande has seen that tweet and immediately sent a thank you post to Jungkook on her personal Instagram account. She even tagged BTS’s account into the photo! This post immediately got the attention of fans all around the world with 3,6 million likes at the moment.

jungkook ariana grande

Not stopping at that, Ariana continued showing her excitement by posting on her Instagram Story a screencap of her phone wallpaper which is her photo with Jungkook!

jungkook ariana grande
“The fangirl” Ariana Grande is so excited that she uses their photo together as her phone wallpaper.

With this interaction, fans of both artists are hoping for a collaboration in the future. With Ariana’s position and BTS’s uprising fame, fans believe that this collab would be a bomb if it’s true!

Sources: k14

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