With just a few icons that refer to Suga and Jimin’s new hair color, fans are already excited for BTS’s comeback?

 BTS ‘comeback is being anticipated by fans after seeing only a few icons on Instagram.

 On July 14, the official BTS fan club in Japan announced that the members would appear on the cover of popular magazine GQ Japan. Accordingly, this magazine will be available on August 25 and will have up to 14 pages of BTS content including photos and exclusive interviews.

Later, when the editor of GQ Japan magazine posted this news on Instagram, fans immediately spotted something interesting. Specifically, besides the normal caption are the icons of 7 BTS members with different hair colors. Fans also guess that the icons are arranged in age order (from high to low). This makes them wonder whether Suga has changed to blonde hair and Jimin to orange hair for a comeback this year?

BTS members appeared on the caption as 7 icons including 2 members with orange and blonde hair.

 With Suga, he already had blonde hair before when he used to amaze fans by dyeing this extremely bright color. Meanwhile, Jimin’s orange hair color was last seen in the mini album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH)” released in 2015. Jimin also said that he misses his orange hair. So fans can’t help but doubt that “HYYH” will have a continuation and return in 2020.

 After the question was spread by fans on social media, the terms “Blonde Yoongi” or “Orange Jimin” immediately trended and were widely discussed among ARMYs. Not only that, the previous Instagram post has deleted all BTS member icons, making fans even more suspicious.

The post later removed all the icons that refer to BTS members.
Will BTS have another “grand” comeback in the upcoming months?

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