With Blackpink’s 5th anniversary movie, social campaign ‘Blink Badge’

According to CJ CGV on the 27th, if you enter your name, city, country on the official website of BLACKPINK THE MOVIE, you can immediately download the ‘BLINK BADGE’ image file containing your details. Countless fans around the world are sharing and uploading the image on their profiles, such as SNS and messenger. The meaning of ‘BLINK BADGE’, a square image with pink letters on a black background symbolizing BLACKPINK, is that at the same time as your movie reservation is confirmed, you are sharing BLACKPINK’s fifth-anniversary celebration online with other Blinks

A staff explained, “Online fans from all over the world also planned a social campaign for ‘BLINK BADGE’ with an idea to celebrate BLACKPINK’s debut and the release of the movie.

‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’, will be released on August 4 and be screened in various formats of CGV. The audiences who are waiting have high expectations for special views such as Screen X, which uses all three sides from the front to the left and right walls as a screen, and 4DX, which adds elements of feeling such as water, wind, and vibration. Information on the release in more than 100 foreign countries can be found on the related website.

Source: The Daily Sports

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