With all these “hints”, will there be a 2NE1 reunion anytime soon?

The fans found plenty of evidence that 2NE1 is possible to reunite in the future.

2NE1 has disbanded for 3 years but their fans still keep on hoping to see the four talented girls on the same stage. These wishes will probably come true when many “suspicious” evidence shows that 2NE1’s reunion is coming very close, especially with their upcoming 10th anniversary in May.

2NE1 (YG Entertainment)

The rumors started when Billboard introduced good songs of 2NE1 which only their fans know on April 16, although the article was posted in 2016. Unexpectedly, the article’s author cited the information said that he’s doing something new and “related to 2NE1”.

Billboard’s journalist revealed about working on something with 2NE1

Not only that, the more they watch the activities of former 2NE1 members, the more suspicious coincidences the fans found out, especially when Park Bom announced that she will perform at the Dream Concert music festival in Seoul on May 18, which is one day after 2NE1’s 10-year anniversary. Many fans speculate that the main vocalist of the group will reunite with the other three members on this stage, just like what CL did at MAMA 2015. At first, the leader of 2NE1 supposed to perform a solo stage but then all members appeared at the same time, making the audience extremely surprised and this is considered the most memorable moment of the award ceremony that year.

Will Park Bom reunite with the other three members of 2NE1 on Dream Concert stage …
… like CL did at the 2015 MAMA?

Previously, the “Stage K” variety show also left an open suggestion for 2NE1’s reunion when Dara was a coach of the show. CL also “dropped hints” that she was working on a secret project. Many coincidence events happened in a short time, making the fans suspicious whether 2NE1 is planning to give them a surprise gift on their 10th anniversary and the reunification day is coming very close?

2NE1’s reunion will be a big gift for the fans after a long wait

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