“Winter Sleep” becomes IU’s 4th song of 2021 to get an All-kill + fans think it’s a tribute to Sulli

IU’s new song quickly tops local charts and gets fans emotional.

At 6 pm KST on December 29, “nation’s little sister” IU officially released her new album Pieces. The album has 5 songs that are “pieced together” by IU, each of which is associated with important milestones in her music career. IU has introduced these songs to the public, but never released them digitally.

With the title track Winter Sleep, IU warms fans’ hearts with a soft and cozy melody. Less than 24 hours after its release, Winter Sleep achieved its first Realtime All-kill on music charts in Korea. With this achievement, IU becomes the only artist to get Realtime All-kill in 2021 with 4 different songs: Celebrity, Lilac, Strawberry Moon, and Winter Sleep.

Besides, the remaining songs in the album Pieces also chart on MelOn – Korea’s biggest online music streaming platform with high ranks. 

IU releases the album Pieces
IU released a new album quietly, without promotion, but still achieved impressive results
IU achieves Realtime All-kill with Winter Sleep
The other songs in the Pieces album are also doing well on the charts

Moreover, what IU opened up about Winter Sleep has touched the public. She said, “The song was completed when I was 29 years old, but actually I started writing it when I was 27 years old. That was the time when I thought a lot about life, about humanity, about the things that were forgotten, everything just left and bid farewell to me like that…”.

IU’s image at 27 years old (2019)

“With Winter Sleep, I tell my story of the first year I was left alone after sending off beloved family members, friends, and pet. The lyrics were specifically written in chronological order, from Spring, Summer, Fall, to Winter. Although the song was not difficult to deliver, because I didn’t want to convey the message too openly, nor did I want the feelings to turn into an abstraction, Winter Sleep took me the longest time to record…” – What IU shared caused many netizens to think that perhaps through the song, IU wanted to pay tribute to her close friend Sulli, who passed away at the end of 2019.

IU sulli
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