Winter (Aespa) has affirmed her attraction right after the debut

Rookie girl group Aespa is attracting attention with their extremely powerful debut song, Black Mamba.

Just debuting, but rookie girl group Aespa has attracted great attention with their powerful debut song ”Black Mamba”.  The song was written and composed by Yoo Young-jin, Omega, Ella Isaacson, Gabriela Geneva (NIIVA), Jordan Reyes, Shaun Lopez, and Scott Chesak.  In terms of music, the song has a hip hop, dance-pop, and electropop melody combined with an addictive hook.

As soon as the promotion for this song began, AESPA’s member Winter became the talk of the town as her debut stage “Black Mamba” KBS fancam has already reached 1 million views, becoming the fastest debut fancam to achieve this milestone.

Winter’s fancam also received a positive response from the Korean online community and some people called her the “ACE” of the group.  In fact, the person who is said to be in the center most often is Karina, but Winter is the member that receives the most attention from fans and audiences.

Karina and Winter also attracted the attention of the audience when they were on the monthly brand value rankings chart, even surpassed Jennie (Black Pink). Aespa continues to cause the public to change the original aversion about them The audiences are also gradually recognizing the talent and popularity of aespa’s members. SM continues to prove that they have never failed to debut the top Kpop groups.

Sources: saostar

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