Winning everywhere but their homecountry, TXT is surpassed by Sunmi and might fall out of the top 100

TXT are mentioned and cared about by fans all around the world but they are surpassed by Sunmi in this field.

On March 4th, TXT and Sunmi released their music at the same time, opened up a interesting war for K-Pop fans. Not long after their release, “Crown” (TXT) and “Noir” (Sunmi) had already had their first achievement.

Specifically, BTS’s junior boygroup achieved many positive result on both Youtube and iTunes: their debut MV reached 10 million views in the shortest time, the most liked MV in 24 hours just 3 hours after the official release or got into the top 10 albums with the most No.1 on iTunes among Korean artists. Apart from that, TXT also ruled Twitter with worldwide top-trend hashtags, leaving Sunmi helpless in these fields.

TXT’s debut MV “CROWN” is full of youthful energy
MV “Noir” – Sunmi

But whatever they say, TXT is still just a rookie while Sunmi is a veteran of K-Pop, and her music is always welcome by the public ever since her debut. This is why even though TXT got the attention of international fans, this promising group of Big Hit still cannot catch up with the Wonder Girls ex-member in the domestic industry. On digital charts, while TXT is falling, Sunmi is still holding onto many #1 spots which proves that her music is still loved by the public.

“Noir”’s ranking at 15h30 on March 5th (KST)

…while “CROWN” is still struggling at the bottom of the chart, especialli on Melon, they are having a freefall and might fall off the chart.

Sources: k14

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