Winners of ‘Best Female Group’ at MAMA in the past 10 years: TWICE sparks mixed reactions in 2021 (ft. aespa)

In the last decade, which girl groups were crowned ‘Best Female Group’ at MAMA?

On December 11, the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2021) took place at CJ ENM’s Contents World in Paju, Gyeonggi province, Korea. MAMA is one of the most anticipated award shows and garners much attention from the public every year.

However, the winners at this year’s MAMA 2021 barely come under controversy as they are all considered worthy by the majority of the audience. Besides major categories like Daesang, other important categories include ‘Best Female Group’. After MAMA 2021 ended, a post summarizing the winners of this award over the past 10 years has drawn much attention from Korean netizens.

Best female group 2021 Mama

Here is the list of K-pop girl groups that took home MAMA’s ‘Best Female Group’ award in the past 10 years:


Winning years: 2011 (The Boys), 2013 (I Got A Boy), 2015 (Lion Heart)



Winning years: 2012 (Alone), 2014 (Touch My Body)



Winning years: 2017 (Red Flavor)



Winning years: 2020 (How You Like That)



Winning years: 2016 (Cheer Up), 2018 (Dance The Night Away), 2019 (Feel Special), 2021 (Alcohol-Free)


The girl group that bagged ‘Best Female Group’ win at MAMA 2021 is TWICE. With this achievement, TWICE officially became the girl group with the most ‘Best Female Group’ wins in MAMA history with 4 times, breaking Girls’ Generation‘s record with 3 times. This new impressive record shows that the JYP girl group is still doing well 6 years into their debut.

TWICE’s acceptance video after winning ‘Best Female Group’ at MAMA 2021

However, not everyone is satisfied with TWICE‘s win this year. Ever since the nominees for ‘Best Female Group’ were announced, many netizens were upset that aespa was not included. Although aespa is still a rookie, some Korean netizens say that this year, aespa and Oh My Girl both earned better digital achievements than TWICE domestically, so TWICE does not deserve the title of 2021’s Best Female Group

aespa and Oh My Girl were considered by some netizens to be more deserving of winning 'Best Female Group' at MAMA 2021
aespa and Oh My Girl were considered by some netizens to be more deserving of winning ‘Best Female Group’ at MAMA 2021

However, aespa was not nominated for this category. Eventually, (G)-DILE, Brave Girls, ITZY, Oh My Girl, and Red Velvet were TWICE’s opponents for the Best Female Group. Accordingly, the winner was selected based on Judge Panel (40%), Digital Point (20%), Physical Album Sales (20%), MV Views (10%) and Streaming (10%). If estimated calculations were correct, TWICE already topped the list of nominees, even when excluding Judge Panel Point.

2021 MAMA best female group

2021 MAMA “Best Female Group” Early Calculations (Apple Music and Judge Panel points were excluded)

Some comments from Korean netizens about KPOP girl groups that received the “Best Female Group” at MAMA for the past 10 years:

– TWICE did so well!

– SISTAR was the only group from a small company, they are so amazing!

– TWICE is truly the best girl group of all time

– I’m really surprised that 2NE1 is in the list

– The best girl group this year should be aespa

– They are all my favorite girl groups

– TWICE won this year’s Best Female Group?? Based on what criteria?

– I love all these girl groups. They’re truly legends.

– Congratulations TWICE!

– I love BLACKPINK… hope they will have more activities next year

– I thought this award would have been received by aespa, or Oh My Girl.

– So many people are mentioning aespa… Are they really aespa’s fans or TWICE’s antis?

– Some people commented without even looking at the criterias

– Isn’t aespa the best girl group this year??? Why did TWICE get that award?

– TWICE also did well in digital, physical sales and on global music platforms

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