WINNER X YOUTH OVER FLOWERS, We Want to Know The Top Secret Kidnap Plan

It’s been told that WINNER has been dressing up no matter where they go in order to not be fooled by the production crew.


Especially, KANG SEUNG YOON struggled and fought against the stealthy works of ‘Youth Over Flowers’ crew by packing everything he can think of in his bag, because ‘Youth Over Flowers’ aims to take the cast on a trip without their prior knowledge. Due to WINNER’s impregnable defense, ‘NJTTW’ PD confessed that they would like to receive suggestions on how to kidnap WINNER.

We can easily assume that the tug of war must have been intense between the staffs who are eager to trick WINNER into ‘Youth ○ver Flowers’ trip and WINNER who writhed to dodge al- the snare of trickery thrown at them. On this matter, the ‘NJTTW spinoff’ crew showed their confidence saying that they “are sure it wi∥ be hilarious to watch how WINNER who were so suspicious of everything to the degree at which they could not even believe their own managers”.

Source: HeraldPop
trans by @maran1025

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