Predict the possibility of TWICE members renewing their contracts: Will Twice be able to keep all 9 members after the contract ends?

The “7-year curse” is the obsession of K-pop fans.  TWICE is a group whose contract with JYP is about to expire and fans are curious about their future.

The contract of K-pop idols with the management company usually lasts 7 years.  The groups consider whether to renew the contract with the company or terminate the contract to give each other their own paths.  TWICE is one of the groups whose contracts will expire this year.  Fans are curious what the future of TWICE will be, will all 9 members choose to stay in?


Nayeon: 95%


Nayeon is the most popular member of TWICE, and also the one who is extremely favored by the company. Nayeon’s ability is also quite good, suitable for both group and solo activities. In addition, Nayeon also seems to have a lot of ambition to develop her career, focus on her work and never seem lazy or get entangled in love affairs. With her long-term commitment to JYP and her own potential, it would be hard to believe if Nayeon refused to renew her contract to “find a new destination”.

Jihyo: 95%

twice jihyo

The next member most likely to renew her contract with JYP is leader Jihyo. Entering 2022, Jihyo will have 17 years with the company. As she once said: “I have devoted most of my youth and life to JYP Entertainment”. With loyalty, seniority, and leadership, Jihyo will almost certainly stay. She will also tend to encourage the members to stay together longer.

Jeongyeon: 70%

Before experiencing physical and mental health problems, the possibility of Jeongyeon’s contract renewal was quite high. However, after the health problems, fans were worried that Jeongyeon could hardly devote 100% of her energy to JYP. However, Jeongyeon is also a member who has been with the company for a long time. She is also a peaceful person who does not want to conflict with people around her. If Jihyo and Nayeon – the core members of the Korean team stay – it is possible that Jeongyeon will also renew her contract with the company. Jeongyeon’s chance of re-signing is predicted to be 70%.


Dahyun: 90%


For an idol who doesn’t have many strong points in terms of skills like Dahyun, choosing to stay at a big company is still a good choice. If not a member of TWICE, Dahyun also hardly has the opportunity to develop her own career. Dahyun’s most impressive ability is her sense of humor and lively personality when attending variety shows. In the coming years, Dahyun can both music activities with the group, at the same time, participate in variety shows or similar jobs.

Sana: 90%


Sana has always been a professional and hardworking idol. JYP also favored Sana the most among the Japanese idols. Similar to Nayeon, Sana will definitely renew her contract because she is a strong, ambitious person who is an important part of TWICE.

Chaeyoung: 60%


Whether Chaeyoung chooses to stay or leave after TWICE’s contract expires is still a concern for fans. Chaeyoung loves music and art, but has her own style, ideals and personality that is different from the other members. In addition, Chaeyoung’s dating rumor with a tattooist is also a factor that can affect her future decision. At a show, TWICE members all chose Chaeyoung to be the first in the group to get married. Therefore, it is likely that Chaeyoung will leave JYP to focus on her own life.

Momo: 80%


Momo bought a house in Korea, which suggests she may have a long-term plan in the country, instead of returning to Japan. Momo’s best skill is dancing, so she’s still suitable to promote as a TWICE member. In addition, Momo can also take advantage of her spare time to make dance cover videos, or become a dance instructor at JYP. In general, Momo’s contract extension will bring her more benefits than disadvantages. The renewal rate of female idols is about 80%.

Mina: 60%


Mina’s case is quite unpredictable. The female idol has a quiet personality but is thoughtful and decisive. After undergoing treatment for psychological problems, Mina has come back stronger. But whether she will continue to stick with TWICE and JYP is still a mystery to fans. Mina’s family background and economic conditions in her hometown are all very good. Japanese female stars also tend to get married earlier than female stars in Korea. Mina is not an ambitious person like Nayeon or Sana, she also does not like to compete, fight or strive hard for her career. Maybe Mina will choose to return to Japan after TWICE’s contract expires.

Tzuyu: 50%


Tzuyu is expected to have the lowest contract renewal rate among the nine TWICE members. Since her peak in 2015-2017, her popularity has plummeted. Tzuyu appears to have been highly affected by the 2016 political controversy. The female idol has become more cautious and introverted, and she is no longer as cheerful and energetic as she was when she first debuted. Tzuyu is also not one of JYP’s favorite members, and he is frequently “mistreated” by the company.

It can be seen that the future of TWICE is a hot topic that fans are paying attention to.  Some people think that the girls will terminate the contract because JYP is exhausting TWICE with a busy schedule.  Others confirmed that with the current success and many cherished projects, TWICE will re-sign the contract and return to the Kpop race as soon as possible.

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