Will SM’s new group make the company’s stock price go up significantly?

NCT China will probably debut in the second half of 2018, followed by the sharp increase of the company’s stock price.

On October 12th, SM Entertainment‘s stock price stopped at 47,250 won (~ $42). An expert has predicted that SM Entertainment’s stock price next month will be about 59,000 won (~ $52), and advised buyers to pour money into SM Entertainment.

One insider has also revealed, “The most interesting thing is that SM Entertainment’s new NCT unit called NCT China is being planned to restart its business operation in China, which has been restricted due to political conflict“.

NCT China‘s debut is considered to be SM’s major move for the second half of 2018. SM Entertainment is likely to increase its promotional and entertainment activities throughout 2019. The company’s gross sales is expected to go up by 44.6% in 2018 and its revenue may even increase by 295.5%.

So that means NCT China is the first unit of this boygroup abroad, which started the campaign to create units in each country to conquer that specific music market. At present, there are a lot of NCT Chinese members who have been introduced to the public. Perhaps in the future, NCT China will be popular in the most populated country in the world.

Recently, activities of K-POP artists in this market are not as easy as before. Therefore, the debut of a boy group full of Chinese members is considered a wise move by SM Entertainment.

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