Will Shin Ryujin, Hwang Yeji and Lee Chaeryeong able to make JYP’s new group into a success without Somi?

JYP Entertainment will reportedly introduce a new girl group for the first time in four years.

According to JYP on January 14, the new girl group that JYP is planning has recently completed filming its debut song music video. Amid rumors circulating around the beginning of the year about the debut of many new K-pop groups, JYP said in a news conference, “We are working hard on it. We’ll let you know when their debut is decided.


It is the first time in four years for JYP to launch a girl group. JYP, which won the title of “Top Girlgroup Maker ” in success with Wonder Girls and miss A, swept the domestic and foreign music markets by introducing TWICE in 2015.


Starting with their debut song ‘LIKE OOH-AHH’ in 2015, TWICE has put all 10 title songs on the No.1 spot on the charts. At the same time as their debut, they also won the rookie awards and Daesangs at major Korean pop music award ceremonies. Last year, they set remarkable records in Japan, for their second appearance in NHK’s Kōhaku Uta Gassen, their dome tour and being No. 1 on Oricon’s monthly album chart. As TWICE has achieved unprecedented success among K-pop girl groups for the past four years, people is focusing their attention on whether JYP, which debuted them, will be able to prove their pride with the younger group.

Details such as the number of members are still veiled. Although I.O.I’s center Jeon Somi had been mentioned as the most likely candidate for the group, she shocked fans who were waiting for her debut by announcing the cancellation of her contract with JYP in August last year. Amid the prevailing expectations that Jeon Somi would become the main member of the next girl group, news of the contract cancellation was reported, raising questions about the composition of the team, the debut concept, and the debut period.

Some of the trainees most likely to debut are Shin Ryu-jin, Hwang Ye-ji and Lee Chae-ryeong. They are all talented girls who made their names known through survival programs. Ryu Jin appeared on JTBC’s ‘MixNine’ that aired in 2017 and made her name popular. At that time, Shin showed exceptional dance skills on the stage of “Boombaya” and showed her unique presence among female trainees.

Hwang Ye-ji became a hot topic for starring in SBS’s ‘The Fan,’ which is being broadcast. Hwang Ye-ji appeared in “The Fan” on the recommendation of 2PM’s Junho, but became a part of the eliminating team by three votes in her first stage as she successfully captivated only Yoo Hee-yeol among the fanmasters. After that, she was praised by BoA for improving her singing ability and showing off her star power in the second round and washed off the eliminating posibility.

Lee Chae-ryeong also trained and polished her skills at JYP for a long time. Lee Chae-ryeong, who co-starred with her real sister Lee Chae-yeon on SBS’s “K-pop Star 3” aired in 2013, was casted into JYP along with her sister. At that time, Park Jin Young complimented the two on their dancing skills and said that they were the siblings with the most potentials to become the next Pearl Sisters (a popular sister duo in Korea). After setting up her nest on JYP, she appeared on the survival show of Mnet “Sixteen” with the hope to make her debut in TWICE, but failed to make it to the final list.

As the trainees of JYP Entertainment who were formerly from survival programs have raised the issue through their participation in various survival events, many are focusing their attention on whether they will achieve their dreams of making a debut without fail or preserve JYP’s self-esteem by showing their skills worthy of being a topic.

Sources: Naver

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