Will Lee Jun Ho’s “King the Land” becomes JTBC’s next weekend drama hit following “Reborn Rich” & “Doctor Cha”?

As JTBC is enjoying its heyday with 4 consecutive hits, attention is drawn to its follow-up runner “King the Land” starring Lee Jun Ho.

Lee Jun Ho stars in JTBC’s drama “King the Land”, which is set to premiere on June 17th as the follow-up program to the ongoing series “Doctor Cha”. “King the Land” tells the story of Goo Won (Lee Jun Ho), a man who hates smiles, meeting Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon Ah), who has to smile all the time, at the VVIP lounge ‘King the Land’, known as the dream of hoteliers.


Many people are raising high expectations for this drama. It is because JTBC’s recent weekend dramas, such as “Reborn Rich”, “Agency, “Divorce Attorney Shin” and “Doctor Cha”, have been receiving enthusiastic responses from viewers. Especially, “Doctor Cha” recently recorded a new rating peak of 16.9% and has topped the hot topic chart for several weeks. Its leading actress Uhm Jung Hwa also ranked No.1 in the weekly popularity chart for drama cast.

“King the Land” also marks Lee Jun Ho’s comeback after his huge success with MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve” in 2021. In particular, “The Red Sleeve” helped Lee Jun Ho win Best Actor at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards and Top Excellence Award (Actor) at the 8th APAN Star Awards.

Lee Jun Ho successfully took off the idol-turned-actor label. He established himself as a trustworthy actor after starring in KBS2’s “Good Manager”, SBS’s “Wok of Love”, tvN’s “Confession”, etc. When the public’s interest in Lee Jun Ho skyrocketed thanks to the popularity of “The Red Sleeve”, his previous works also ranked high on OTT platforms.


Lee Jun Ho & Im Yoon Ah combination also made headlines. Both already gained recognition for their solid acting skills and are considered impressive “acting idols”. 

On May 12th, “King the Land” released a new teaser. In the video, Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah appear as if they fall in love with each other quickly but soon exchange sharp words, such as “Let’s not meet again”, “I’ll try to avoid you from now on”, etc., like enemies.

Although the typical cliché of a “romantic comedy” where the two protagonists who are initially at odds end up falling in love can be expected, fans are already excited about the chemistry between the two actors.


In “King the Land”, Lee Jun Ho plays Goo Won, the heir of The King Group, a leading Korean conglomerate known for businesses such as hotels, aviation, and distribution. In other words, he is a second-generation chaebol. This character has a “my way” personality and he doesn’t care about what others think. The production team said, “Lee Jun Ho’s unique and affectionate energy even makes Goo Won’s arrogance lovable.”

As JTBC has recently made various hits in a row, the pressure on Lee Jun Ho is growing Attention is being paid to whether he can regain the similar popularity he made with “The Red Sleeve” through “King the Land” and whether JTBC can continue its successful momentum.

Source: Naver

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