Will Barack Obama be mesmerized by KPOP anytime soon?

KPOP fans sometimes can do things that we never expect.

There’s a fan who lives in Pensylvania, where Barack Obama – the former President of the United States – living with his family. One day, when she saw him, she yelled, “Obama, please stan LOONA!
What did she just do?! He’s not an ordinary person but the actual President of her country once before!

Nevertheless, this bold girl has received lots of support from the KPOP fan community.

“WOW, what a tough girl”
“If only she was a SHINee’s fan and supported the boys that way”

This crazy action was spreaded widely in the public. Apparently, Barack Obama didn’t know about this. But let’s imagine. What if he already knew about all of the Kpop stuff that was actually related to him (made by fans, obviously), including the infamous “BaekBama” couple? Providing he did listen to Kpop, maybe he would listen to LOONA’s music after hearing that girl’s shout at him. Who knows, right?

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