Why Seungri can’t be arrested even though he was that exposed?

It will be remembered as a media manipulated investigation and a rough-and-ready anticlimax investigation


The court rejected the arrest warrant for Seungri. It was a questionable request for an arrest warrant from the start. Seungri was charged with four charges: finding sex trade, prostitution, embezzlement and violating the Food Sanitation Act. Among them, sex trade, prostitution and violation of the Food Sanitation Act are unlikely to be arrested anyway, even if the charges are proven. So the key was whether to prove embezzlement or not.

However, it has been known that the embezzlement charges were not clear. The amount of embezzlement reported by the media fluctuated and its contents were not accurate either. If the police had secured confirmation, they would have been clearly reported who, how much and how they embezzled, but the figures fluctuated and the details were unclear, raising doubts about the police investigation.

The doubts were amplified at the stage of requesting an arrest warrant. They said it would be applied early this month, but it was postponed. It’s also said that the police are doing a corroborative investigation. This led to speculation that the police have yet to have any confirmation that could put Seungri in custody, particularly those related to embezzlement.

The request for an arrest warrant, which had been postponed, was finally made. There were two possible assumptions about this. First, maybe they applied for a warrant too late after having positive proof. Second, they might have applied for the warrant in consideration of public opinion, though they still failed to confirm it.

It appears to have been the latter, given that it was eventually rejected. The court said there was “room for dispute” over the embezzlement charges. This means that the allegations have not been made clear. In addition, Seungri’s attitude must have played a positive role. Seungri was originally scheduled to join the military but he applied for an postponement on his own. It was not allowed, but the documents were reinforced and the application was re-applied, which eventually led to the postponement. And so far, he has fully responded to the investigation. It is said that he was sincere when being investigated.

The police apparently went all out to arrest Seungri this time. He has been investigated and summoned 18 times over 78 days. There are no charges that deserve to be arrested, so it seems to be an investigation manipulated by public opinion.

Originally, it was the investigation into the Burning Sun Gate, but it ended up in a corruption scandal involving Seungri. It looks like it has turned it into some sort of an unusual investigation. He got away with the charges one by one and created a public uproar with continuous media coverage, which resulted in him not being arrested. Critics say that the investigation was too much so far.

Public power must work fairly with people. It cannot be applied more strictly to celebrities. It is also unfair to accuse someone based on public opinion. It doesn’t make sense to unconditionally arrest according to the demand of the majority. This is why the Seungri’s investigation of the police are suspicious.

Another doubt is where the Burning Sun Gate disappeared. Where did the sexual assault, drugs and power collusion inside the Burning Sun go and finally became Seungri’s personal corruption?

No matter how much they investigate, whether they were forced to move on to Seungri’s personal corruption because there were no allegations about Burning Sun, or whether they intentionally covered up for Burning Sun and focused on Seungri’s personal corruption for a long time to attract people’s attention, there are still many suspicions.

At this rate, Seungri’s case will likely be remembered as an all-time media manipulated investigation and the Burning Sun’s case will be remembered as a rough-and-ready anticlimax investigation. Will this be the thing that has caused so much impact that it remains in modern social history?

Source: nate

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