Why is the path to the problematic No.1 difficult to SHAUN?

At this point, this is the birth of a national singer. Singer SHAUN reportedly won the top spot in a show and various the music charts with his latest song “Way Back Home.” This is a great achievement for SHAUN, who is not even an idol, without major promotions, but the suspicions towards him are getting stronger.

On KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”, which was aired on the 10th, SHAUN beat Zico to lift the no.1 trophy. In addition, SHAUN, who started climbing up and ranked No.1 on music charts in mid-July, showed his influence by ranking at the top of the charts for nearly a month, despite some raised suspicions towards him for cheating. Just like that, SHAUN, who has been active for such a long time, finally took the top spot in a music show, demonstrating his presence in the”Idol War” of the summer music scene, which is considered the fiercest competition in a year.

Why is the path to the problematic No.1 difficult to SHAUN?

Perhaps due to the influence of the number one spot on the music broadcasting station, SHAUN beat Red Velvet‘s “Power Up” to recapture the real-time chart of the nation’s largest music source site. SHAUN’s name is at the top of the chart not just in a moment but until the present time. So far, the music powers that have been beaten by SHAUN include Red Velvet, Zico, Twice, BlackPink, Mamamoo, Bolbbalgan4, and Apink. There are some cases when good music climbed up and ranked No.1 on charts before, but SHAUN is the first singer to climb to the top of the charts by beating the top idols in such a tough situation.

Apparently, SHAUN has made great progress, but the public’s views towards him diverge sharply. While the genre and color that are differentiated from idol music are said to be fresh, a ranking rise that is generally not understandable also raises doubts about the authenticity of the music. Especially, SHAUN’s agency explains that the reason his song got the number one spot is thanks to Facebook marketing and the marketing team, which is considered untrustworthy.

Amid growing suspicions, SHAUN‘s company and other business leaders in the showbiz world have made public the case and asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to investigate it. Getting the top spot is definitely worth being congratulated, but SHAUN might feel uncomfortable on his mysterious path to reach the top spot.

Sources: sportsworldi

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