Why is Karina (aespa) called the first “snake-faced idol” of Kpop?

The lower half of Karina’s face is shaped like an inverted triangle, additionally, the AI ​​makeup style makes her visual quite hard to make a good impression to some people.

Kpop fans often hear of visual concepts such as “rabbit-face” (round eyes, long front teeth, cute aura), “dog-face” (short eyes, drooping eyelids, innocent aura),… Since debut, Karina (aespa) has grabbed attention for her unique face, which is different from the common faces among idols. Neither a rabbit nor a dog, the aespa member is called “snake face” for her novel aura. For many people, Karina’s face lines fit their taste and get a lot of compliments, but there are also some people who think that her appearance is unapproachable and furious. 

The characteristic of the “snake face” is a sharp chin, the lower half of the face resembles an inverted triangle, the eyes are far apart, the outer corners of the eyes are upward. The trend of snake face surgery has appeared in recent years, but the aesthetic perception of this type of face is still controversial.

Karina’s proportions match well with the “snake face” feature, in which the eyes with the outer corners upward are the point creating a unique strong aura.

Of the face angles, the front corner is Karina’s most beautiful corner. Fans are impressed by her sharpness, round head like a quail egg, extremely slim cheekbones down to her chin. 

The makeup style that emphasizes the eyes enhances Karina’s beauty and looks like “game graphics”. Many fans love this AI style, but also many people oppose it because leader Karina looks more “aggressive” than in real life. 

People with small snake faces with slanted eyes often exude a cold, “surreal” angle, which seems unapproachable to other people. 

The high cheek and the deep chin make the reverse triangle on Karina’s face stand out more. The narrow, sharp jawline is very specific to Karina’s face. The skeleton below Karina’s face is very neat, reminiscent of the type of faces of characters coming out of comic books.

Karina (Aespa) surpass Jang Won Young

The small face gives Karina the advantage of being very photogenic, suitable for bold makeup.

However, many people think her face is too small for her body. On the Chinese forum, Cnet called Karina the “first snake-face idol of K-pop.” This is a rare beauty.

Although Karina has many controversial opinions on visuals, it is undeniable that she is the most perfect member for aespa’s AI concept. aespa refers to Karina, Karina refers to aespa’s “real-virtual” concept.

Many people think Karina’s face looks more approachable and cuter without heavy makeup.

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