Why is it that ITZY can no longer hold the top position like when they first debuted?

Times have changed, ITZY’s position is no longer the same.

Recently, a post on a Korean online forum shared a comparison chart of girl groups’ digital achievements on MelOn. Since then, a discussion has arisen: Why can’t ITZY hold the top position like when they debuted?

“DALLA DALLA” is a resoundingly successful debut song, immediately making ITZY a prominent name in Kpop, a formidable “monster rookie”. But now entering the third year of operation, ITZY has no longer aura as before.

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Knet regrets ITZY’s golden age withDALLA DALLA
itzy aespa stayc
The latest comeback with LOCO is a step back in terms of achievements, the public’s love for ITZY has dropped alarmingly.

ITZY’s song “LOCO” dropped to the lowest position at 78th on MelOn chart after only 2 days of release. After a few days, the rank improved, but it was only around 40 to 60. “LOCO” officially became ITZY’s lowest-charting song ever. It seems that the public has become increasingly disappointed since hard-to-listen songs like “Not Shy” and “Mafia In The Morning”, people can no longer be patient when it comes to “LOCO”. This poor achievement clearly reflects the disappointment of the public toward ITZY’s new song.

In the past, ITZY used to lead the female segment of Gen 4. But now, the opponents who debut later are accelerating spectacularly to rise up. aespa’s hit “Next Level” is still at the top of digital music despite being released for months. Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” also worked well, keeping its footing in the charts even though it’s been released for a while. Or STAYC also owns two songs at the same time on the chart, “ASAP” and “STEREOTYPE”.

All of these songs have a much better track record than ITZY, even though ITZY has the advantage of a later release. It seems that the popularity of the public has now shifted to these new names.

itzy aespa stayc
ITZY is presently at the bottom of the rankings when compared to its competitors, with a significant gap.
itzy aespa stayc
Aespa has seen a significant increase in popularity as a result of the song Next Level. The leading Gen 4 female group in Kpop now is said to be aespa.
itzy aespa stayc
Even a girl group from a small company like STAYC is gaining more and more sympathy from the public. Their achievements are getting higher and higher.
itzy aespa stayc
Somi was on the verge of joining ITZY. Many individuals previously regretted her inability to make her debut with the group. However, looking at what Somi can achieve today and ITZY’s situation, things are considerably different than they were before!

Comments from Knets:

  • [+522, -18] I thought they would be the top girl group after they debuted with ‘Dalla Dalla’..
  • [+393, -101] 4th generation girl groups, Aespa >>>>>>> STAYC >>>>>> ITZY. Somi, who left JYP and succeeded as a solo artist under YG, is seriously legendaryㅋㅋ
  • [+387, -15] Wow; It’s not easy for a girl group from a big agency to turn out like this in such a short time
  • [+293, -4] Why do they keep releasing songs at 1pm? It’s funny how they think a song like this will do well in the US if they release it at 1pm on Friday
  • [+283, -12] I feel bad for Yuna, Ryujin and Yeji,, all three of them are perfect, sigh
  • [+276, -9]I kinda liked them before, but because of Lia, I don’t listen to their songs anymore 
  • [+228, -7]How can people call school violence posts troll posts? First of all, they can’t even get the public on their side with their hair and makeup f*ck. They don’t know how to look normal and they’re getting way too experimental. And the only reason why ITZY’s songs are doing well on the charts is thanks to their performance, but this time, whether it’s because of the members’ bodies or Lia? Their scores dropped severely and their performance was also boring to watch. Honestly I wished them success, but they need to address the school violence first. Looks like JYP has no intentions to 
  • [+109, -17]Aespa’s clothes are indeed pretty but it’s all thanks to their concept. Even without SM’s vibe, you can tell that the clothes look like money was spent on it. 
  • [+54, -0]They have the school violence but their song just sucked
  • [+51, -2]Can they just release Lia’s official statement? 
  • [+49, -0]Their voice color + vocal directing is so so… Their chorus always feel so forced and they’re always screaming so much that my ears just shuts off 

Source: K14

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