Why is HyunA never loved by netizens like Sulli while they are both rebellious?

Both being rebellious, but HyunA is not as favored by netizens as Sulli. The proof is that the latest photos of the two have been getting mixed reactions.

Recently, HyunA has been attacked by the netizens for her photos in quite offensive and ridiculous poses. After her dating rumor broke out, her images have gone bad in the public eye, and her showing photos on the SNS just made the problem worse and worse.

In these photos, HyunA dressed in rather provocative and revealing clothes, showing her big boobs. The offensive and confusing poses of HyunA has have been a hot topic for the netizens. She also wore revealing clothes when taking pictures with her boyfriend. Moreover, many people have realized that HyunA is changing her style to look like her boyfriend, especially in her makeup style.

Not being bound to anyone, HyunA is getting more and more rebellious with shocking photos. Many people think that HyunA has taken the title “Rebellious Queen” of Sulli. Most netizens were disappointed and even sarcastically criticized CUBE’s former idol because of her bizarre, showing-off lifestyle.

“HyunA is flopping”, “Since she fell in love with E’Dawn, HyunA has been getting worse”, “How can she post such disgusting photos online, keep it to herself”, “Do her fans really think this is normal, you must’ve supported her so hard to think like that” … netizens commented.

Being as rebellious as HyunA but it seemed like Sulli was more favored by the public. Recently, Sulli organized a New Year party with her friends. Also at this party, Sulli made everyone shocked with a series of photos of her drinking, posing and cuddling in a sensitive positions. These photos of Sulli were extremely controversial after she posted it online. She was criticized mercilessly by the netizens.

However, being criticized for not long ago, Sulli received countless compliments saying she’s beautiful as a goddess. In the photos, Sulli is so surprisingly beautiful that many people suddenly forgot the sensitive photos of her just a few days ago. Many people believe that this is a positive signal, showing that Sulli is gradually regaining her popularity.

Sulli and HyunA’s rebellious formulas are very similar: Posting shocking photos. But did you ever notice, while HyunA was labeled “cheap” by Knet, Sulli is much more biased? They’re both being criticized, but considering Knet’s comments, most of them are worried and sorry for Sulli when she is living wildly and ignoring the public. Some even voiced their support for Sulli’s unreasonable lifestyle, saying she was living with herself, a true feminist supporter.

And the special thing is, no matter how rebellious, Sulli just needs to be pretty, posting a few normal photos, people will voluntarily forgive all her mistakes. Sulli’s latest set of photos is the strongest proof. No one remembers how rebellious Sulli was a few days ago, they just praised her beauty. Meanwhile, HyunA was criticized mercilessly, even when she dressed, posed or did the same things as Sulli did. In Knet’s eyes, Sulli is truly a princess and HyunA is just a queen of the past.

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Source: yan