Why is APAN like that…Blackpink is treated ridiculously?

[Sports World = Reporter Kim Jae-won] It is unconvincing to see that Blackpink – the domineering girl group of every music chart – wasnʼt announced for any awards at an award ceremony, specifically, at the ‘2020 APAN Music Awards’

Despite of the impressive various objective data, Blackpink girls were nowhere to be found on the list of this award showʼs winners and this raised questions about fairness.

Additionally, on the 26th of November, ‘2020 APAN Music Awards’ has selected Daniel Kang, The Boyz, Monsta X, BTS, Seventeen, IZone, Youngwoong Lim, GOT7, NCT 127, Twice as ‘Top 10 Kpop Artists of the year’.

However, there was no name for Black Pink who performed excellently on various charts this year. The top ten of the awards ceremony are selected based on the results of popular voting, record and sound recording scores, and judgement scores. Popularity votes are based on the results of paid votes conducted in advance through the Idol Champ app, accounting for 40%. As a result, the remaining album and sound recording scores and judges’ scores account for 60%, but the detailed ratio of the three factors has not been disclosed.

Some fans complained about this. Even though BlackPink took the final 10th place in the pre-voting score, the behind them won the award. Not only that, even though the 4 girls achieved the best performance in both domestic and overseas among the girl groups that released this year’s album it was not enough for them to be in the top ten list.

In fact, BlackPink occupied the highest position among 2020 girl groups with overwhelming numbers on the charts online and offline such as Gaon, Melon, Genie, iTunes, and Spotify. Accordingly, among the four major domestic agencies such as SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and Big Hit Entertainment, YG was the only one who did not win the prize

Sources: sportsworldi

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