Why is a dog in ‘slow motion’ only when he goes to drink water?

Netizens’ attention was drawn to the video of ‘Dong-yi’, a dog that only becomes ‘slow motion’ when going to drink water.

On the 21st, on the YouTube channel ‘애니멀봐(Watch Animal)’, the story of Dong-yi, who becomes a turtle living in a slow world only when he drinks water, was unfolded.

Dong-yi has been following the boss and his wife to work for 10 years.

It was as if only Dong-yi was in slow motion out of this world, and it was surprising to see him slowly approaching the water bowl.

Dong-yi, who has always been active like the other dogs, becomes sluggish when drinking water.

He only acted together when he went to drink.

Even the boss and his wife did not know why. They said even the hospital couldn’t find any abnormalities.

The boss couple said he was so cute and pretty, but it still concerned them that “if Dong-yi has a problem or if it’s hard for him to drink water or something like that.”

For this, Lee Chan-jong, an animal trainer came and directly observed Dong-yi’s behavior. Trainee Lee Chan-jong could not hide his laughter at Dong-yi’s unusual behavior.

As a result of the observation, the trainer explained, “It seems there has been a problem with his drinking water.”

Because Dong-yi does this only when he thinks that he needs to drink water.

He further explained, “Even dogs have different personalities.” In the case of Dong-yi, it is said that he has a timid personality.

In fact, Dong-yi licked the edge of the water bowl and ate it in a rather uncomfortable way. It was the opposite of normal dogs eating with their tongue in the middle of a bowl of water.

Even when drinking water, his timidity was revealed.

Le Chan-jong explained, “There must be memories of being surprised or uncomfortable while drinking water.”

Then he said, “It has been established as a pattern of drinking water after hesitating. So there won’t be a lot of stress on Dong-yi now.” Only then the boss and his wife were relieved.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “Cute timidity”, “So lovely”, “Slowly slow”, “Living happily for a long, long time with timidity”, “You must have been a timid dog”, “It was just a timid dog ㅋㅋ”.

Source: Dispatch

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