Why did the long-lived brands choose Jennie, Irene, and Chun-woo to be their models?

Hera new model Black Pink Jennie

Long-lasting brands are targeting to younger generations to expand their market. They are actively promoting idol group members and so-called “promising actors” as models because they are young blood transfusion for the long-lived brand companies.

Although long-lasting brands have many consumers who trusted as much as their long history but it is easy to fall behind if they can not maintain a new consumer base. There is always a sense of crisis that long-lasting brands can disappear from the market due to the decrease in income of the main consumers leading to a decrease in consumption. Because of this, new consumers, or a young blood transfusion, is necessary.

According to the related industry on the 21st, in the distribution industry such as food, alcohol, beauty, the number of models in the 20s age group is increasing in popularity.

Red Velvet’s Irene, a new model of Chamisul

Hite Jinro Chamisul brand has replaced their brand model with Red Velvet’s Irene for five years. Chamisul, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, has a long 95-year history. Although it is a Soju history-representative brand, it can rather give an image that it is old to a younger generation. Hite Jinro has been steadily targeting 2030 in recent years. Before Irene, Chamisul’s model for the last 5 years was IU. Hite Jinro said, “She is a model suitable for strengthening communication with the younger generation” as the background of model Irene.

Amore Pacific’s Hera has named BlackPink’s Jennie, along with Jun Ji-Hyun, as a two-top model. Hera has recently signed a contract with Jun Ji-Hyun, and plans to introduce Jennie as a brand new model, targeting various age groups from 20s to 50s. Jennie will be working as a Hera model from February.  Kim Tae-Ri is working as a model for LG Life Health’s OHUI. Kim Tae-ri, who received attention thanks to the drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’, also played a two-top role with Kim Hye Soo as Kloud Beer brand’s model. 

G-market, the #1 online shopping mall in Korea, debuted their new brand model, ‘IZONE’, a global group debuted through the survival program ‘Produce 48’. ‘IZONE’ was composed of 12 members selected through ‘Produce 48.’ G-market hopes that IZ*ONE will renew their brand’s image.

Samsonite’s Red Model Astro’s Cha Eun Woo

The global bag brand Samsonite is developing a campaign to target the 20s age group consumers by selecting Cha Eun Woo, a member of the group ‘Astro’, to attract younger people.

With 130 years of history, Coca-Cola has started a new year’s campaign with actor Park Bo-Gum. Park Bo-Gum has been known as a Coca-Cola model since 2017.

Sources: etoday

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