Why did the hashtag #bangtwice go viral after 2018 AAA?

A lot of viewers wonder why the hashtag #bangtwice has gone viral. It turned out to be because of BTS and TWICE attending the Asia Artist Awards together. From here, the fans can point out a lot of things in common between the groups.

BTS and TWICE attended the first Asia Artist Awards – 2016 AAA together.

After that both groups said they were busy and did not attend 2017 AAA.

And at 2018 AAA, BTS and TWICE appeared together.

At both ceremonies, every time they went to the stage to receive an award, they would do that together.

Last but not least, the fans of both groups are all proud of their idols for being hard working and ambitious to lead Hallyu to an even better place than before.

Let us all anticipate 2018 MAMA where these two groups will meet again and show every one what they have got!

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