Who’s the best fashionista at the event? ITZY Yuna received the most praise while Han Sunhwa took the most criticism 

Yuna was praised for her sophisticated sense of fashion through subtle details and coordination. 

Who was the fashionista with the most apt sense of fashion at the venue? Stars who visited the venue in colorful costumes that fitted the concept of the brand. 


ITZY Yuna wore a colorful turtleneck with simple, yet effective, cutout to present a chic andmature look. In addition to the eye-catching turquoise color, the simple outfit with a cutout also showed Yuna’s remarkable fashion sense.

Oh My Girl YooA

OH MY GIRL YooA went to the event with a cropped top overlaid by a cardigan. She matched the top-wear with a grey jeans mini-skirt to complete a chic look. The heels added a “main character” vibe in a high-teen movie to her look. YooA’s overall outfit delivered a Y2K fashion that simultaneously showed off her body shape. 


Sooyoung presented a sporty look with a jumper and a pleated skirt. The black top and skirt created a simple image. Added with a glossy stadium jumper, the overall oufit gave off an active mood. However, paired with a colorful sneakers, the outfit coordination felt a bit underwhelmed and “flat” at times. 

Lee Jung

Lee Jung appeared at the venue in a patterned look. Her top showed sophisticated cutout and bold patterns that expressed Lee Jung’s unique fashion sense. Her dress also captured attention with a stark red color. Nonetheless, the oufit did not coordinate too well as both the top and bottom pieces stood out too much on their own and lacked harmony in general. 

Han Seonhwa

Han Sunhwa was present at the event with an all-pink outfit. While the outfit was simple, it still gave off a tacky atmosphere, mostly because of her pink necktie. Overall, Sunhwa’s outfit appeared unpolished to the audience and lacked preparation in comparison to others.

Source: naver

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