Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?

Some of them are so tiny that even could “fit in your pocket”

Each idol group member has his own appearance, personality, hobbies and hometown. Different people gathering up and debuting in the same group is one of the most attractive features in Kpop. Between them, smallest members are always “set as default” as no.1 cutest group members, regardless of age or the positions they hold.
Here are some of the shortest male idols in the curently hottest Kpop groups:


In SEVENTEEN, Woozi is in charge of singing, composing and… pull down the average height of group. In fact, the height of 1m64 (other source is 1m65) is not a ideal tallness for male idol but Woozi’s talents has blown up all of these pointless prejudices. That’s so amazing!

Jinhwan (iKON)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
Many people will be taken by surprise when knowing that Jinhwan is the oldest member of iKON. With the number 1m65 written in his profile height, this male idol looks like maknae more than the real youngest person- Chanwoo

Ha Sungwoon (Wanna One)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
Standing among “huge” maknae line like Lai Kuan Lin and Kang Daniel, Sungwoon’s short height is too remarkable. The no.2 oldest member of Wanna One is just 1m67 tall.

Ten (NCT)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
The height of Ten is about 1m70- 1m71, significantly lower than the rest of members in NCT 2018. To make up for this, the small and flexible body allows Ten to perform the choreography required high skills lissomly. He is the true “dancing machine” in NCT.

Eunkwang (BTOB)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
Eunkwang is 1m73 tall, used to be teased by friends and fans because of his ill and “thin as paper” body. But atfer that, it was turned into motive power for him to work out to have a strong- “six pack” build.

D.O. (EXO)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
Honestly, EXO has a “1m73- 1m74 in height” line, they are D.O., Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chen and Suho. But in many charts, D.O. is always called as the shortest member in group. His height in profile is 1m73.

Jimin (BTS)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
Besides the shortest height in BTS (1m73), Jimin is also famous for his …tiny fingers, this is so unfamiliar with a mature man.

Jackson (GOT7)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
This GOT7 member is 1m74 tall, but the perfect ratio makes him look taller than he actually is.

Aron (NU’EST W)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
Pledis Boygroup has the equal height among 4 members, in which, Aron is a little bit smaller when his tallness just reaches 1m76.

Jinwoo (WINNER)

Who is the shortest male KPOP idol?
One more “Oldest but smallest” case, and coincidentally, this case also comes from YG (is this the gout of this BIG 3 company?). The height of Jinwoo is 1m77 (other source is 1m74), shorter than other members with their 1m8 average tall.

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