Who is the reachest one among TWICE members?

Twice’s maknae is indeed a “golden-spoon kid” since she was born. 

In music groups, there will usually be one member with the richest family, who is the child of a wealthy family. But TWICE has 4 such members, including Mina, Tzuyu, Momo, Jeongyeon.  And Tzuyu is the richest member of TWICE with huge family background and a slew of solo activities.

According to Celeb NetWorths, TWICE’s net worth after nearly 7 years of hard work is $35 million, the youngest owns $2 million at the age of 22. Tzuyu was born and raised in a wealthy family. Her parents are both wealthy people in Taiwan.  It is known that the female idol’s family owns a night market business and invested up to 1.77 million dollars in the largest dermatology clinic chain in the country.

Tzuyu beside her rich mother

The mother of “the most beautiful face in the world” also expanded her business with 2 cafes, attracting a lot of fans of the female idol.  According to a Korean TV program, most recently, Tzuyu’s family also spent 2 billion won to invest in a corporation in Korea, where the female idol is living and working.

Besides activities with TWICE, Tzuyu also has an additional source of income from individual activities.  The female idol was once “the most beautiful face in the world”, that’s why she was sought after by many magazines and brands. Although JYP promotes group activities more than individuals, the golden maknae also has revenue from personal photobooks, music cover videos, and attending high-class events.

Images from the maknae’s first book
Attending high-class events

Tzuyu was born in 1999, was voted by many viewers in SIXTEEN.  Despite being the youngest, the female idol possesses outstanding height and physique.  She is 1m72 tall, has an impressive body, and was once voted as “the most beautiful face in the world” by TC Candler in 2019.

In the latest song “Alcohol-Free”, Tzuyu’s beautiful image has become a trend in many countries
Despite being the youngest, Tzuyu is somewhat superior to the other members in terms of both body and beauty
High nose bridge, big eyes, smooth white skin, and sweet lips
She completely deserves the title “The most beautiful face in the world”
Whether it’s cool or sweet style, TWICE’s maknae still does it perfectly
Tzuyu also has a great body
Tzuyu inherited this top beauty from her mother

Source: K14