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Repeatedly unable to be filmed…Who is the icon of bad luck this time? (Running Man)

Fans are curious about who is “Running Man” icon of bad luck, who was refused of filming throughout the recording.

SBS’ “Running Man,” which will air on July 31st, will feature a chasing game in the city.

The race this time will be decorated as a “Running Man Tail-biting Race” where they have to hide their name tag in Sangam-dong, and the one who got their name tag found will be absorbed by the person who found it.

The members tried to hide their name tags in a clever way to protect themselves. In particular, Song Ji-hyo, a resident of Sangam-dong, expressed her strong confidence, saying, “I know Sangam well,” and eventually hid her name tag in an extraordinary place that no one had ever thought of.

The members who visited the place to find the name tags were also stunned, saying, “I’m visiting this kind of place for the first time in my life,” and “It’s my first time on TV to do this.”

Meanwhile, one member was rejected from filming at all places he visited to hide his name tag, who then became an “unlucky icon,” while another searched for a place no one could find and became a “loner“.

This laughter-filled Running Man chase can be seen on Running Man on July 31st.

Source: daum

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