‘Who is BTS?’ – A celebrity’s confession made Knet argue about whether everyone ‘must’ know BTS

Many mixed opinions broke out around this comedian’s post.

Recently, a Portuguese newsletter spent part of the time introducing “global phenomenon BTS, the people that have changed the history of pop music”.  The show has become a popular topic, especially after the statement of a famous comedian.

Portuguese television station TVI introduced BTS as Korea’s most popular K-pop group and the artist of the year chosen by TIME magazine.  In particular, the show spent about 3 minutes focusing on reporting BTS’s achievements and fandom while comparing them with the digital music sales and the reputation of the legendary pop band, The Beatles.

One day after the show aired, a famous Portuguese comedian named Rui Unas posted a short video on his page, which showed himself watching TVI news.  The most remarkable thing is the caption posted by Rui Unas: “They are compared to the reputation of The Beatles, But I have absolutely no idea who these guys are. I’m really old”.

Portugal BTS

Below Rui Unas’s post, many comments agree with the Portuguese comedian, such as: “Me and my 10-year-old daughter don’t know who they are either”, “Compare them to  The Beatles are like comparing perfume with vinegar “, …. These sarcastic comments have sparked a wave of anger from BTS fans in particular and Kpop fans in general.

To counter these malicious comments, many ARMY and Kpop fans in Portugal, as well as parents with children who love BTS, simultaneously defended the Big Hit boygroup by leaving comments: “The content of the news revolves around the global influence of The Beatles and BTS, not to compare who is better “,” Our 3 year old son cannot sleep without listening to BTS’s music ”  , “BTS doesn’t sing about drugs and violence.  They sing songs that carry the message of hope “, …. In total, about 2,000 Portuguese comments appeared on Facebook and Instagram.

Portugal BTS

After that, Rui Unas then made a move to calm the situation with another post: “I was surprised after posting that article. This is the first time I received such many comments like that on Instagram. Since they are singers I don’t even know, I posted it softly while watching the news, but I was surprised that my post was so controversial. “

Rui Unas’s controversial post was most likely simply a joke, but thanks to the power of the Portuguese ARMY community it became an opportunity for the Portuguese people to get to know BTS and Kpop. However, after the above incident was shared by the Korean press, it raised another debate in the Korean online community around the question of whether everyone “must” know BTS.

– “Then people might not know who BTS is. Don’t distort other people’s words like that”

 – “There must also be someone who does not know .. BTS is not the center of the world or something like that”

 – “It is true that you may not know who BTS is, but the comment comparing perfume and vinegar is too much.”

– “Does everyone have to know BTS, there are many people in the world who don’t even know Michael Jackson or Beyoncé”

 – “But even if he doesn’t know BTS, there’s no need to take pictures and then post it on purpose “

 – “How could he not know BTS”

– “Poor that comedian … He did not do anything at all”

 – “Well, the 10-year-olds in our country don’t know who The Beatles are.”

Sources: tinnhac

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