“Who invited you?” Guest at VIP preview of “The Devil’s Deal” on Feb 27th, receive cheers as soon as he appears

BTS Suga appeared at a movie theater.

He made the scene excited as soon as he appeared.


On Feb 27th, Suga appeared at the VIP preview of the movie “The Devil’s Deal” (directed by Lee Won Tae) held at COEX Megabox, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Set in Busan in 1992, the movie “The Devil’s Deal” revolves around Hae Woong (Cho Jin Woong), a candidate for the National Assembly, Sun Tae (Lee Sung Min), a hidden powerhouse in politics, and Pil Do (Kim Mu Yeol), a gangster who fight fiercely to overturn the game by holding secret documents that will shake the Republic of Korea.


On this day, Suga appeared in all-black styling. Fans cheered at Suga’s appearance. All at once, they picked up their phones and pressed the camera shutter. As if repaying fans’ love, Suga smiled brightly and greeted them with his hands. This made women’s hearts flutter.

A short interview was also held at the photo wall. The host asked Suga, “Who invited you to the VIP preview of ‘The Devil’s Deal’ today?”


Suga explained, “No, that… The teaser was released. I’m doing a show called ‘SUCHWITA’ on YouTube. Senior Lee Sung Min will appear in the next episode and that’s how our relationship was formed.”

Cho-Jin-woong and Lee-Seong-min

The host said, “Thank you! Wow!! It’s an honor!!! It’s such an honor for me to meet our Suga.”

Netizens commented, “Min Yoongiㅠㅠㅠㅠ”, “He was so handsome today”, “I’m looking forward to the next episode of SUCHWITA”, “Crazy”…


Meanwhile, Suga is in charge of hosting the YouTube content “SUCHWITA”. It is a program in which Suga meets people from various fields and shares intimate stories through alcohol and music.

Source: wikitree

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