While Jennie was busy promoting SOLO, what were the other BLACKPINK members doing?

Follow the footsteps of the netizens to see what the other three BLACKPINK members are doing!

While Jennie is still in the process of promoting SOLO, what are the other 3 pieces of BLACKPINK doing? Do you have questions? Follow the foot of the netizen search of the missing members!


Luckily Lisa is still on the social media, which makes Blink easy to update on her current situation. Recently, Lisa posted a short haircut that made the fans shocked her hair.

However, it was just a wig that Lisa wore in an ad with BLACKPINK. Then, Lisa has just posted a few pictures for a sports brand advertising and get over 2 million likes just after 12 pm which is enough to show her popularity right?

Lisa tricked the fans by wearing a wig.
Lisa’s charisma is very suitable with sports style.


While her Lisa friend went to take the ad, Rosé seemed a little quieter. In addition to these joint activities with BLACKPINK, Rosé also appears on the red carpet of a fashion show with radiant looks. Her growing popularity has been her topic of discussion of the netizens recently.

Rosé appeared at a fashion event. She chose her costumes with a deep brown tone.


Perhaps among the three members, Jisoo is the girl with the most time. When Jennie was busy promoting, Lisa went shooting advertising, Rosé went to an event, our Jisoo was enjoying her carefree days. Jisoo recently posted photos of her having fun and eating with friends. They don’t have much time to relax like this, right?

Jisoo posted pictures at the table showing that she was having a rare break.

In addition to personal events, BLACKPINK is also busy preparing for the group’s first World Tour to kick off early next year. Hope that after Jennie‘s solo, the fans will see BLACKPINK appear together more often.

Source: Yan