Which Kpop idol can win if they participate in Squid Game?

Netizens believe that if these idols participate in today’s hottest survival game, they are totally capable of winning.

The hit series Squid Game is currently going viral on social media. Its irresistible charm makes even K-pop fans unable to ignore.

In addition to making edits and memes of the cast, fans are also excited to discuss topics related to the series. One of them is a hypothetical situation: If idols participate in this survival game, who will be able to win a huge amount of money?

Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

Every fan of SEVENTEEN knows Jeonghan’s ingenious ability to circumvent the law. The 1995-born male idol born can easily find loopholes in games and bends the rules to his advantage.

Moreover, the handsome idol also has impressive negotiation skills, which can give him a huge advantage if he joins Squid Game.

Jeonghan has the ability to spot the loopholes and take advantage of them 

Irene (Red Velvet)

Netizens say that Irene always knows how to simplify things by handling situations in a smart way. The leader of Red Velvet also has a sixth sense. So fans believe her special strengths will help Irene get through the game.

Smart handling of situations and sensitivity are Irene’s powerful “weapon”.


Fans believe the handsome mixed-race idol has an amazing ability to stay still, which can help Vernon win the game “Red light, green light” faster than anyone else.

Vernon is strangely good at staying still, which can help him master the “Red light, green light” game.

Shindong (Super Junior)

Shindong used to be showered with compliments when participating in the program “Great Escape” because of his extraordinary memory, sharp eyes and admirable ability to solve puzzles. The veteran male idol promises to be a formidable player in the battle to become the sole survivor of Squid Game.

Shindong’s intelligence will help him get through the game spectacularly.  

Chaeryeong (ITZY)

ITZY’s Chaeryeong is known among fans for her high competitiveness. In order to win, the female idol would be willing to fight to the end. That’s why fans believe that Chaeryeong is capable of winning it all and getting the tempting reward.

Chaeryeong’s competitiveness will make other players wary. 

Chaeyeon (former IZ*ONE member)

Along with her sister Chaeryeong, Chaeyeon is also included in the list of potential winners of the 45.6 billion prize of Squid Game. The reason given by Korean netizens is that with her leadership skills and experience in 4 survival shows she participated in, the former IZ*ONE member will have no trouble taking part in another survival game.

Netizens think that Chaeyeon will have no trouble participating in another survival game.  

Minho (SHINee)

Most K-pop fans all know Minho is very athletic. This not only means he is physically strong, but he also has a strong desire to win every game. Therefore, Minho can totally become an intimidating opponent in the intense battle of Squid Game.

K-pop fans are already familiar with Minho’s strength and desire to win.  

Yuta (NCT)

Similar to his senior Minho, Yuta is also known for his passion for sports. This gives the male idol the top physical strength among NCT members. In addition, the flexible judgment and high competitiveness that only emerges in individual games also give Yuta a huge chance to win.

NCT Yuta
The Japanese idol’s competitiveness is only revealed in individual games.  

Monsta X

Monsta X‘s members have toned and muscular 6-pack bodies. The group’s leader Shownu especially impresses netizens with his muscular arms and wide shoulders. If participating in Squid Game, all 6 members are expected to have the ability to win thanks to their admirable physical strength.

Monsta X members, especially Shownu are predicted to win the game with their incredible muscular strength. 

This topic has created an interesting discussion among K-pop fans. It not only shows the undoubted popularity of Squid Game, but also helps fans show off their idol’s outstanding talent and personality.

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