Which Kpop group owns the MV with the highest view currently?

BTS is the Kpop group that owns the MV with the highest view at the present.

On Nov. 21, BTS‘ “DNA” MV has officially reached 550 million views on YouTube. This number had set a new record for the “global group”, and BTS became the first Kpop group to own this record. “DNA” is the title track of BTS’ “Love Yourself: Her” album, released in 2017. So, the MV only took 427 days to achieve this.

“DNA” MV has officially became the first Kpop MV to own 550 million views on YouTube

With a record of 550 million views, “DNA” has also helped BTS to become the group owning MVs with 350 million views, 400 million views, 450 million views and 500 million views of Kpop on YouTube. BTS has proved their popularity through the number of MV views day by day.

Source: k14

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