Which ‘goddess’ star wore the best dress at 2021 MAMA?

On the afternoon of December 11th, the Red Carpet Event of 2021 Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS (2021 MAMA) was held at CJ ENM Studio Center in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

Numerous “dress goddesses” gathered and stole attention.

▲ Jo Bo-ah – breathtaking visual with her chest bone revealed.

Her unexpected visual shone in images taken at the front. Jo Bo-ah, who is usually known for her innocent appearance, revealed her chest curves in an impressive dress that made people feel her mature beauty to the fullest. This was a bold exposure, but it helped the actress show off an unrivaled atmosphere with sexiness and elegance.

jo bo ah 12122021 1

▲ Tiffany – glamorous view of her skin revealed by a see-through dress

Tiffany shocked everyone by confidently boasting her charms with a bright smile while wearing a bold see-through outfit, which clearly showed her innerwear.

tiffany young 1212202101

▲ Brave Girls Eunji – unable to see the muscles around her neck and shoulder

Eun-ji wore a leather super-fitted tube top outfit that revealed her body lines. She appeared with a fascinating visual and showed off her smooth decollete, drawing attention. Her S-line was a bonus.

brave girls eunji 12122021 1

▲ Choi Soo-young – see-through look with the same color as the red carpet

This is the outfit that she prepared for the red carpet! It seems like she intentionally aimed at the title “Best Dresser” at this red carpet event. Sooyoung boasted a ‘girl crush’ essence that was full of intense sexiness and coolness.

choi soo young 11122021 2

▲ aespa Karina – elegant look with a skinny body

The bottom frill of her dress left a great impression. The witted choice of outfit that helped show off Karina’s body lines made her visual stand out even more. Karina’s perfect body proportions and unrealistic doll-like beauty drew admiration.

aespa karina 12122021 mama 2021 1

▲ ITZY Yuna – having both sexiness and loveliness

Yuna showed up in a dress that had a little part of her chest revealed, exuding her sexiness and unique loveliness at the same time. Wearing a dress that follows the TPO principles, Yuna didn’t lose her charms at all.

itzy yuna 12122021 mama 2021 1

▲ Lee Hyun-yi – impressive body, dress only plays a small part

Lee Hyun-yi appeared in a long white dress that not anyone could pull off and proved herself to be a goddess with her perfect body. Her top model visual was revealed with an exposing part behind her back. She caught netizens’ eyes while enjoying posing for the photo time on the red carpet.

lee hyun yi 12122021 mama 2021 1

▲ Ahn Hyun-mo – pure white dress with an innocent visual

Is she an angel? Or a fairy? Looks like she just came down from the sky. The pure white dress might look normal but was given some special features with cool cuts. With only a few exposures, she didn’t lose her charm of a goddess, showing off her beautiful appearance in her perfect fit.

ahn hyun mo 12122021 mama 2021 1
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